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We Simply Ready to Receive any Suggestion From Our Viewers and Great Visitors of our Dear website. You’ve got something to tell us or bring our attention to something on this site, you want to Advertise with us or Report Anything Concerning The Site!

Do you offer any product or service that will interest People Globally? Then this blog is a very good arena to spread word about your business.

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Most of our readers are from United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and More who landed on this blog after searching Google for various pieces of information about our content.

Because most visits are from search engines, 80% of our visitors are new visitors. So, if a set of visitors see your advert this month, another new set of Visitors will see it next month – which means more exposure for you advert.

Advert slot options

Standard & Premium Banners: standard 300×250, 160×600, 300×600, 728×90, 320×50 (mobile) banners plus site skins, flex & billboard ads etc.

Sponsored posts: if you have a company or press release and you want to reach an audience of taste makers and music lovers, you can get in touch with us for our sponsored posts option.

Video Ads: Do you have a Video Ads about your Products/Services? We know how best to use Video. Let’s talk!

Rich Media Ads: Thinking of deploying Animated & Interactive Ads to traffic huge traffic to your products/services? We have some special Ads design that can get peoples attention and convert them to clients/fans of your product/services. Let’s get creative 😉

Text Ads: Thinking of stealing the show? Let’s place your Text Ads at the Top, Middle or Bottom of our Site Articles where it will get the so much desired visibility and clicks.

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